Half Of The MCU Was Saved By Baskin-Robbins According To This Viral Fan Theory

Sometimes, a fan theory is just so mind-blowing you have to stop a moment and really consider it thoroughly. One fan theory right now has put a lot of the internet on pause as it got many people thinking about how one small action can ripple out and change events in the entire world, or just the MCU.

So What If…? Baskin-Robbins was responsible for saving everyone that was killed by Thanos’ snap? Yes, it’s quite possible that without the interference of the esteemed ice cream makers, the Avengers wouldn’t have had any hope of saving those lost going forward.

RainbowBoy12 posted the theory to Reddit where it got thousands of upvotes and sparked a lot of speculation on how things might be different if Scott Lang hadn’t been fired and eventually became Ant-Man. Check it out below!

Of course, some people didn’t think it was really Baskin-Robbins that did the work, but Hank Pym himself.

It also inspired fans to think of other possible What If…? styled scenarios that got quite wacky.

So seriously, we know who the true hero who saved the universe really is…

So did Baskin-Robbins really save the entire MCU? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! Just remember…