Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson look to the sky in new ‘Moonfall’ character posters


Three new character posters for Roland Emmerich’s incoming disaster movie Moonfall showcase the film’s three leads looking up to the skies. The Independence Day filmmaker is already responsible for more fictional threats to planet Earth than any Marvel supervillain, but Emmerich is at it again in his latest directorial effort, which stars a terrific cast led by Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and Game of Thrones actor John Bradley.

In Moonfall, the moon starts hurtling towards the earth, with the world’s only chance of survival resting with a NASA executive (Berry), a former astronaut (Wilson), and a conspiracy theorist (Bradley) who undertake a last-ditch mission to take out the moon before it can collide with the planet. But in doing so, they’ll make a shocking discovery about the nature of the moon itself. Michael Pena, Donald Sutherland, and Kelly Yu also feature.

With its release just a couple of weeks away, Lionsgate has shared these new character posters that showcase Berry, Wilson, and Bradley observing the descending space rock, with the reflection of the moon visible in their matching shades. Check them out via the gallery below:

As we’ve seen from the trailers, Moonfall promises to deliver everything you would expect from a Roland Emmerich flick, including his usual apocalyptic scope and scale. Which is pretty impressive considering that, ever since 2016’s Independence Day: Resurgence underperformed, the director has financed his own productions. With a budget of $140 million, Moonfall actually stands as one of the most expensive independent movies ever made.

Unfortunately, it looks like this one may struggle to make much of an impact on the box office, given the general challenge non-Marvel efforts face to perform well financially these days. It seems likely that the sci-fi epic may find more success when it eventually ends up on streaming. But we’ll have to see how audiences take to it when Moonfall makes theater-fall on Feb. 4.

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