Halle Berry has a warning for new Catwoman Zoë Kravitz

the batman

2004’s Catwoman deserves every bit of mockery that comes its way. It’s a bizarre take on the character that has almost nothing to do with the comics, features a ludicrous plot, and is objectively terribly edited and directed. But it’s difficult to blame Halle Berry. She did her best while burdened with an all-time embarrassing costume and accepted her Golden Raspberry in person, saying:

“I want to thank Warner Brothers for putting me in a piece-of-sh*t, godawful movie. It was just what my career needed!”

Now, with Zoë Kravitz about to make her debut as Selina Kyle in The Batman, Berry has some advice for her. Speaking with Variety, she warned that the role will attract both positive and negative attention:

“I’ll just tell her, get ready, they might come for you – but don’t let that affect your interpretation about who she thinks Catwoman might be. I personally think she’s going to be a wonderful Catwoman.”

Judging by the trailers Kravitz is going to knock this out of the park and navigate the tightrope between hero and villain that makes Kyle so interesting. We know she’ll be a romantic interest for Robert Pattinson’s Batman, apparently bringing him out of his depressive funk and encouraging him to embrace the adrenaline thrills of the costumed life.

Here’s hoping the character mirrors her DC comics counterpart and goes on to have a long career in Matt Reeves’ Gotham City. With spinoffs confirmed for both Colin Farrell’s Penguin and the GCPD, how about exorcising the demons of the 2004 movie and making a Catwoman feature-length spinoff with Kravitz as the lead?

And why not throw in a role for Halle Berry while we’re at it? John Wick 3 proved her action chops and it’d be fun to see her show them off in a new Catwoman movie

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.