Halle Berry To Produce And Star In New Netflix Sci-Fi Movie


More and more big name talents appear to be flocking to Netflix with increasing regularity, setting up multiple consecutive projects at the streamer, and we can now add Halle Berry to that list. The Academy Award winning actress makes her directorial debut on upcoming MMA drama Bruised, in which she also plays the lead role, and the 54 year-old has signed on to headline a new sci-fi thriller for the platform as well.

The Mothership hails from Academy Award nominated Bridge of Spies writer Matt Charman, who will also step behind the camera for the first time. The high concept premise sees Berry as a fearless woman whose husband mysteriously vanishes, but she then discovers an extraterrestrial object underneath her home, causing her to head out on the road with her children to unravel the conspiracy behind the disappearance, which might even involve the CIA.


This marks Berry’s second sci-fi project in a row, and she’ll presumably move straight on to The Mothership once she wraps shooting on Roland Emmerich’s upcoming blockbuster Moonfall, which sees the Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow filmmaker back on familiar turf helming a ludicrous sounding disaster epic where the moon suddenly falls out of orbit and puts the fate of the world at stake.

Of course, Halle Berry is no stranger to effects-driven action having starred as Storm in the X-Men franchise for close to two decades, while she infamously headlined Catwoman, one of the worst comic book adaptations in history. However, she was last seen on the big screen kicking all sorts of ass in the acclaimed John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, but The Mothership looks as though it’ll be driven by the family dynamic at the center of the story rather than the sci-fi spectacle.