Halle Berry To Star In Paul Verhoeven’s The Student

Paul Verhoeven is back! The man who brought us arguably the worst movie of the past 25 years (Showgirls), is going to be bringing us The Student, starring Halle Berry. The film will revolve a young student who has an affair with a married woman. It seems like a strange pairing, Berry and Verhoeven, and I’m not sure how it will work out. I never would have thought that we would see the two working together. But who knows, they may end up making a solid film. The plot seems intriguing despite it being unoriginal and I’m certainly interested in hearing more about it.

Verhoeven has delivered some, well, ‘different’ films and I’m sure The Student will follow in the same vein. He hasn’t directed anything since 2006’s Black Book so it’s nice to see him getting back into the director’s chair. Despite some of the more questionable films in his filmography, I’ll remain optimistic about this one.