Hallmark Christmas romance reunites a famous TV couple

If you’re tired of love-gone-wrong stories this holiday season, the Hallmark channel has exactly what you need. Since the end of October, the network has been playing a slew of feel-good Christmas films, among them classics and new tales alike.

One thing you’re guaranteed to find on Hallmark this holiday season are stories that find the romantic leads falling in love and reaching their Happily Ever After. The backdrops are romantic and well-decorated, the actors are believable, and even if the films all have the same romantic ending, you still want to sit down and watch every one of them.

This season, fans of Desperate Housewives are going to enjoy one Hallmark film in particular. A Kiss Before Christmas will bring two of the stars of the series back together for a brand new tale of Happily Ever After. Those stars are Teri Hatcher and James Denton, who played Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino on Housewives.

In an interview with EW, Hatcher had this to say about the opportunity.

“I think a lot about the fans, and when Jamie suggested that I could be in this movie with him, one of the first things I thought is, ‘Well, the fans are going to love that because Susan lost the love of her life, and there’s no replacing the love of your life. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, the fans are going to love this. They’re going to love seeing us together.'”

Knowing Denton suggested that Hatcher join him in the film is an even sweeter moment for Housewives fans.

Hatcher went on to say that the film is different in terms of storyline and characters, but that something essential remains.

“It is different characters, and it is a different dynamic. But the chemistry of it feels the same, and those fans are going to live vicariously through these characters and their happy ending.”

Denton also commented on bringing the movie to life with Hatcher and its impact on fans of the series they were a part of for so long.

“People feel like they know you, especially [with] a show that’s long-running,” he says. “You’ve been in their living room for eight years. They see you almost as Jamie and Teri, if not Mike and Susan. So just having us together and a happy ending, which you’re going to get on Hallmark, they’ll really get a kick out of it.”

EW also hosted an interview between the pair, and Housewives fans will get butterflies at this part. When asked about reuniting after ten years, Hatcher and Denton said that the chemistry was instant.

HATCHER: It was just instant. It was like putting on my favorite robe.

DENTON: Old, battered, and worn-out.

HATCHER: No, my favorite old cashmere robe. I’m getting to be so comfortable. For me if there was any hiccup, it was just that I hadn’t — he’d been on a show for seven years [Hallmark’s Good Witch] and he’d been continuing to work, and I really hadn’t been that much. I had a couple of days of, “Oh my God, I’m on a set in front of a camera. I don’t remember how to do this.” And then of course it all came back and I had a really great time, but there might have been just a minute of a hiccup for me. But not for you.

DENTON: On the very first day of shooting, maybe the second or third take, off camera she goes, “I don’t know if I can still do this?” And I said, “You’re Teri Hatcher, I think you’ll be fine.” It had just been a minute since she had been in front of cameras. But one of the crew guys, who I barely even knew, after just the second or third take, he goes, “You guys are like you’ve been married for 20 years.”

You can watch A Kiss Before Christmas on Hallmark on Nov. 21.