Halloween 9 Almost Got Made, Would’ve Continued Many Storylines


Ah, Halloween, the series more confused than a man with heat stroke in the desert.

While the new movie continues from where the original left off, those not in the loop don’t realize that the franchise tried a different track with an anthology format for the third film, bringing back murderer/Austin Powers star Michael Myers for movies four and five and getting into truly weird cult-Gothic-sex-child sacrifice territory in outing number six.

Best remembered for the slightly better producer’s cut, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers also stars Paul Rudd, was the final film of Dr. Loomis portrayer Donald Pleasence and the last bit in the original six movie continuity before the series tried to reconfigure with Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. But, according to a recent interview that Malek Akkad did with Bloody Disgusting, a ninth film in the franchise almost got made.

“We were actually working on a part nine,” the producer said. “We had everything from the Man in Black to the niece, sister and we started having to answer so many different story-lines. That takes quite a writer to try and address all of those but we were trying. We had a couple drafts of a Halloween nine.”

Ultimately, these plans fell apart when original series producer and Malek’s father Moustapha was killed in a terrorist attack in Jordan in 2005. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Malek opted to start fresh. This decision in turn led to the Rob Zombie films and the new movie from director David Gordon Green.

Though it was probably for the best in the end, it would’ve been really interesting to see the likely mess which would’ve occurred from cramming in so many different elements into one movie. Who knows, maybe the aborted ninth Halloween film would’ve been messier than even Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

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