Halloween: New Artwork Reveals One Killer Michael Myers Statue


With the release of Blumhouse Productions’ revival of the Halloween franchise imminent, it’s only understandable that the public at large find their interest renewed. Likewise, longtime fans will probably catch the fever once again, inspiring them to binge prior flicks in the series and perhaps empty their wallets for new collectibles.

Now, what we’re going to discuss here today is something that’ll appeal to those of you who are looking for something cool to adorn your shelf. Luckily, it just so happens to be something that ties into the iconic series.

In this case, it’s a 1/3 scale statue capturing Michael Myers’ likeness from John Carpenter’s original flick that debuted back in 1978. I mean, not only is it an appropriate time to release such a thing due to the film celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, but also because the new movie acts as a sequel, effectively ignoring all that’s sandwiched between.

And while we can’t bring you a picture of the statue itself as of yet, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have posted some teaser art over on their Instagram page. On it, we see that Michael Myers has retained his imposing physical presence as he stands on a display base modeled after the top of a staircase.

When it comes to accessories, a pumpkin head and the gravestone belonging to his sister, Judith Myers, also seem to be included in the package. Also of note is an interchangeable hand, one that looks to be free of a bed sheet. Whether or not the pair of glasses at his feet is part of the display base or loose remains to be seen.

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19.

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