Halloween Deleted Scene Reveals The Fate Of Allyson’s Boyfriend


David Gordon Green’s Halloween went distinctly against slasher cliché when it gave leading lady Allyson Nelson a boyfriend but didn’t end up killing him off. But while Cameron Elam avoided a gruesome fate at the hands of Michael Myers, he did meet another swift end of sorts, in that he pretty much disappeared from the movie halfway through.

Granted, the character’s exit allowed the focus to remain on the central conflict between Michael and the Strode clan, but if you’re looking for an explanation of where Cameron was while Allyson and her family were busy fighting off a knife-wielding killer, this newly released deleted scene offers the answer.

It seems that after falling out at the Halloween dance, Cameron and Allyson continue their argument on the street, at which point, they attract the attention of a couple of cops who tell them to go home. It’s here that Cameron starts mouthing off to the police officers, which turns to be a mistake because the cops already bear enough of a grudge against the Elam family, and use Cameron’s rude behavior as an excuse to arrest him.

As Green clarified earlier this year, Cameron’s a character with connections to the larger Halloween mythology, in that his father Lonnie was a bully who briefly featured in the 1978 original. Interestingly, the director also teased at the time that he’s saving the character for future movies, and given the film’s phenomenal box office success, it’s clear that a sequel’s on the way.

As it stands, it’s uncertain who from the latest Halloween might return for a follow-up, but bringing back the young Allyson would certainly be one of the more obvious ways to keep the Strode saga going. As for Cameron, he may’ve been miraculously spared in his first movie, but there are only so many films he can transcend the dead boyfriend trope for, and whatever plans Green has in mind for the character, they probably aren’t too pretty.