Halloween Director Wants To Make A Critters Or Ghoulies Movie


With the latest Halloween coming out to strong reviews and record-breaking box office figures, the question was soon raised of which further horror properties the team behind Michael Myers’ latest flick might be interested in resurrecting. And while producer Jason Blum has expressed an interest in bringing the Scream franchise back to the big screen, director David Gordon Green hasn’t set his sights quite so high.

In a Reddit AMA with Halloween co-writer Danny McBride, the Stronger helmsman made the curious claim that he’d “like to make a little Critters/Ghoulies movie.” And while it’s possible that Green is simply suggesting a film in the Critters/Ghoulies vein, rather than a literal reboot of either property, it’s still strange to see the director single out two franchises that have been regularly derided as Gremlins knock-offs, rather than going for the real thing.

All the same, while neither Critters nor Ghoulies have ever been popular with critics, each series apparently did well enough to earn three sequels back in the mid-‘80s to early-‘90s. What’s more, in the same Reddit chat, McBride went on to recall a childhood memory of being given a Ghoulies video for Christmas after asking for The Goonies, adding that he “never got over it.”

Evidently, these mini-monster movies have left a mark on the duo, though it’s doubtful that a return for either franchise would be received quite so warmly as the new Halloween. Speaking of which, McBride confirmed back in October that sequel talks are already happening around the picture, and while it’s still unclear whether he or Green will be on board for the project, at least John Carpenter seems game to return.