There’s A Halloween Easter Egg Hidden Within The First Purge


Since its formation in the year 2000, Bumhouse Productions has undoubtedly emerged as a modern-day house of horrors.

The film banner, which is responsible for such lucrative hits as Paranormal Activity, Split and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, still has many more surprises tucked away up its proverbial sleeve though – one of which arrives today, July 4th.

We are, of course, referring to The First Purge, Blumhouse and Gerard McMurray’s prequel that journeys back to the moment when the New Founding Fathers of America began rolling out their twisted, amoral scheme to bring the crime rate down below 1 percent. And thus the annual Purge was born.

But as this is a Blumhouse joint, it appears the Powers That Be have also included a cute note to David Gordon Green’s forthcoming Halloween sequel, which is due to emerge from the shadows in October. As reported by, The First Purge features a Halloween movie poster in the room belonging to Isaiah (Joivan Wade), Nya’s brother, and “can be seen at least three times in the first 30-or-so minutes of the film.

The Purge Election Year banner

Pretty cool, eh? Much like Marvel’s repeated nods to Stan Lee in TV shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage, it’s likely that this poster is simply a way of acknowledging Halloween‘s existence. And proof that, even when the pillars of society collapse and mayhem ensues, people are still looking forward to the release of Blumhouse’s long-in-development sequel…

In case you missed it, here’s our take on The First Purge:

The film doubles-down on bloody opposition against true-to-life societal fears, but abandons the subtlety needed to prevent Gerard McMurray’s prequel from becoming anything more than hateful retribution.

The First Purge is officially out today, July 4th, though Halloween isn’t expected to creep into theaters until October 19th.