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‘Halloween Ends’ director vaguely reveals if the title will turn out to be true

Does the murder saga truly end here?

Michael Myers from Halloween
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Horror fans are heading to theaters or turning their living rooms into makeshift cinemas for the epic conclusion of David Gordon Green’s Halloween franchise with Halloween Ends

Green’s three-parter began with Halloween in 2018, where we saw Jamie Lee Curtis, the fan-favorite Laurie Strode, getting ready to face Michael Myers again. Her emotionally charged face-off with the killer began in 1978, and as the sole survivor of his vicious rampage, she’s carried a lot of pain throughout her life. 

That pain was the driving force for her to stand up against him in Green’s trilogy, and with a title like Halloween Ends, fans wonder if this really is the end of the unhinged Michael Myers. In a chat with Indie Wire, Gordon explained what that ominous title means for the future of the killer. 

“I think evil doesn’t die, it changes shape. And that can become something to really think about, the negativity that you could be greeted with at some moment in your day. If you want to take that and dwell on that and exacerbate that and then hand that off to the next person, you can. It can be as infectious as you want it to be or you allow it to be. And if you say, ‘I’m going to greet that hardship, that tragedy, and then I’m going to turn that around, and I’m going to find the lesson and the learning and the misunderstanding or the miscommunication or the love within that lost moment, and turn that into something more meaningful and more positive,’ that’s there too.”

Evil changing shape makes sense, not just for this series but for horror as a whole. If a villain lays down the mask or sets aside his weapon, isn’t there always someone lurking in the shadows, ready to pick it up again? That’s what keeps fans going, it’s how we know that horrifying villains always have a future in scary movies and stories.

We won’t be giving spoilers away for Halloween Ends here, but Green’s statement ensures that someone will be ready to pick up the mantle no matter what happens to Myers at the end of this trilogy.

Halloween Ends is currently playing in theaters and is also available on Peacock. 

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