Halloween Ends Will Be Way More Contained Than Halloween Kills


Halloween Kills promises to be an even bigger movie than Blumhouse’s 2018 reboot of the legendary horror franchise. We’ve been promised more deaths, more gore and just a larger scale in general, as the whole town of Haddonfield will get involved in the battle to defeat Michael Myers. Next year’s conclusion to the trilogy, however, won’t try and one-up its predecessor by going even grander. We’re being told that it will be a much more “contained” movie than Kills.

Total Film Magazine has previewed Kills in its latest issue and spoke to the cast and crew about what fans can expect from Ends. First of all, long-time Halloween producer Malek Akkad explained that “The last one is going to be way more contained.”

Director David Gordon Green, the man behind the entire trilogy, likewise told Total Film that his aim was to make three very different films and the thrill of it for him was to showcase a range of “tones and perspectives” within this franchise.

“I get engaged by doing something different. If I was just going to be repetitive,” Green said. “I would hand the reins off to someone else. When you have that opportunity within an established franchise, it’s really fun to think about how you can show different tones and perspectives and evolve.”

Finally, Laurie Strode herself Jamie Lee Curtis added that she’s confident Ends will live up to its title and be her last time playing the iconic character. Regardless of whether Laurie lives or dies, Curtis thinks it’s “emotionally” the right place to leave her journey behind.

“I would say, given what I know about the next movie, I think it will be the last time that I will play her,” Curtis notes. “And I’m not saying something like, ‘Oh, because I die!’ It’s nothing to do with that. I’m talking about emotionally what they have constructed.

Curtis then teased a fitting climax to the Blumhouse Halloween series. “I think it will be a spectacular way to end this trilogy,” the actress said.

With Kills expanding its scope to the whole town, it only makes sense for Ends to then shrink back down to focusing on the core conflict between Laurie and Michael. At this point, we’ve seen so many endings to their story, some better than others, which have been retconned away with various new sequels, but hopefully Blumhouse is going to manage to pull off the best and definitive ending to the saga of Laurie Strode and The Shape.

Halloween Kills finally hits theaters this October 15th. Halloween Ends will then follow a year later on October 14th, 2022.