Halloween Fans React To Firefighter Scene Removal Petition With Counter-Petition


Halloween Kills is set to hit theatres later this month and while many horror fans are extremely excited to catch the next Michael Myers film, one individual hasn’t taken so kindly to the film expressing their distaste in a scene from the trailer and asking that it be removed from the film entirely.

In a petition to Change.Org, one individual aired their distaste for the Firefighter scene during the Halloween Kills trailer where Michael Myers slaughters a group of first responders, using their equipment against one another in the most graphic, horror ways.

“I want the scene in the new movie Halloween Kills where they show the Slaughtering of firefighters. It is wrong because firefighters have been lured to houses fire and murdered by the person who set the fire. And it’s wrong that Michael killed the firefighters with the gear from the other firefighters he killed.”

via Change.Org

As you’d expect, Halloween fans didn’t take kindly to this request sharing their thoughts on the petition on Reddit. Many explained that Myers isn’t the kind to discriminate when it comes to killing, others calling it hypocritical that the petitions creator is seemingly okay with the murderous villain taking out other people from all walks of life, just not firefighters.

Others called for a counter-petition to be made in the hopes of ensuring this scene is preserved from the trailer to make its way into the final cut of the movie. This petition was created and currently stands at 1,387 signatures eclipsing the just 283 that the original petition garnered.

Despite this pair of petitions and the humorous response from fans, it isn’t likely that any changes to Halloween Kills will be made to the disappointment of some and the enjoyment of others.