Work Has Already Begun On A Sequel To Halloween


With David Gordon Green’s Halloween just a couple of weeks away from arriving in cinemas, this long-running slasher franchise is now eleven movies strong. What’s more, given the impressive box office performance projected for the film, not to mention the strong critical reception it’s already received, we’re seeing no reason to believe that this property won’t make it to twelve.

In fact, according to Bloody Disgusting, inside sources are now saying that work has already begun on a sequel to the Blumhouse production. Reportedly, an unknown writer is currently at work on a script, and seeing how shooting on the new Green film didn’t commence until last January, this makes it somewhat plausible that this follow-up will be ready for next October.

Interestingly, it’s also been said that this unknown scribe is neither Green nor Danny McBride, since apparently the pair won’t be involved in the sequel. This particular part comes as a surprise to hear, after McBride mentioned just a few a days ago that he was exploring ideas for the next film, but surely all will be clarified in due time.

While none of this has been officially confirmed yet, producer Jason Blum has recently gone on record reaffirming his intention to make a sequel if the new Halloween is a hit. And seeing how this latest film scraps every other installment from the series timeline save for the 1978 original, Blumhouse’s options seem pretty open on where they could take the franchise from here. Though if it’s true that Green and McBride are out of the game, it’s a little hard to shake the feeling that this follow-up could be a quickie cash-grab that simply re-treads the Michael Myers formula yet again.

In any case, the new Halloween arrives in cinemas on October 19th, but it’s pretty clear by now that the Myers saga isn’t stopping here.

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