Halloween Kills Director Teases Beloved Character’s Return In Sequel

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills hit theaters and Peacock on Oct. 15, and fans haven’t been able to stop talking about the film. Turn to social media, and you’ll see people on both ends of the spectrum as far as loving or hating the movie. Luckily, the series’ famed killer Michael Myers still remains a fan favorite. He doesn’t care if you love or hate him, and the tone of the films follows suit. It’s a horror movie about a masked killer on Halloween who feels like he’s got unfinished business; his style doesn’t have to suit the masses, just himself. 

Someone else who “gets” Myers is director David Gordon Green. And Green has plenty to say about some of the Halloween series’ other characters. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Green recently talked about the trilogy’s second movie and a particular character in the Halloween realm that he says we haven’t quite seen the last of: Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace.

He also had this to say about a full-circle scene that he loved giving to audiences and about Richards’ future with the franchise.:

“In the ’78 film, you see that moment with her [Lindsey] and Tommy upstairs in the hallway after their confrontation with Michel Myers, and Laurie is pleading with them to get out of the house and go get help, and she’s their protector. So it was cool to be able to take that character full circle to a sequence we have on the playground where she has a very similar, protective moment with kids on a playground. It was fun to be able to see her role reversal, her maturity as a character. I’m not sure we’ve seen the last of Kyle Richards in our franchise.”

Without giving too much away, knowing that Richards could still be a potential player in the movies is lovely. Her character is a staple of the story.

Do you hope to see more of Richards’ Lindsey in the franchise? Have you seen Halloween Kills yet? Let us know in the comments below