Halloween Kills Director Teases His Disneyland Movie

walt disney disneyland

David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills hit theaters and Peacock yesterday, and the middle chapter in the trilogy is on its way to a bumper opening weekend at the box office. The filmmaker will be remaining in the horror genre for a while yet, with the notable exception of one project that’s being backed by the all-powerful Walt Disney Company.

Halloween Ends arrives in October of next year, Gordon Green recently confirmed he plans to direct all three installments of The Exorcist reboot/sequel hybrid, and he remains attached to executive produce HBO’s Hellraiser. However, he’s mixing it up significantly having signed on to helm a true-life biographical drama about the creation of Disneyland.

In an interview with Collider, Gordon Green offered up the first details about what he’s got in mind for the Disneyland movie, revealing that it’ll focus heavily on the relationship between Walt Disney and his brother Roy.

“Yeah. I’m developing. It’s about the brotherhood of Walt and Roy Disney and it’s interesting because you see, and even I saw the headline yesterday, I was thinking this cool artistic, collaborative brotherhood story. Then you look at it as it’s written and think about the institution that is Disney around this. And you’re, ‘No, that’s a big story’. But to me, it’s how do these two guys engineer something that became Disneyland. Well, it has yet to be written, so that’s kind of evolving, but it’s basically the creation, the construction of Disneyland. So that’s a several year project for sure.”

Two siblings with diametrically opposed personalities brainstorming ideas into what eventually became ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ has plenty of dramatic potential, with Walt’s unbridled creativity bouncing off Roy’s more pragmatic and numbers-driven approach. Looking at Gordon Green’s packed schedule, though, the chances are high we won’t be seeing his Disneyland story for a good few years yet.