New Halloween Kills Footage Reportedly Coming This Week


In another timeline, we’d have already got to see Halloween Kills in theaters, as it was supposed to have released on October 15th. Of course, instead it’s been pushed back until this time next year due to the ongoing crisis amidst the pandemic. We know it was a tough decision for the filmmakers to make, though, as it’s ready to go and they’re proud of the movie they produced. Maybe that’s why they’ve been generous with sharing footage so long before it comes out, like the opening clip unveiled over the summer (see above).

In fact, we could get even more this coming weekend. Insider Daniel Richtman has heard from his sources that Blumhouse is about to release some new footage in time for Halloween. Apparently, it’ll arrive online this Thursday, October 29th as part of the BlumFest virtual con. And while it isn’t officially confirmed just yet, it would certainly make a lot of sense. Halloween Kills is one of the studio’s biggest upcoming releases, after all, and it’s the perfect time to drop a fresh clip and reminds folks that Michael Myers is returning… eventually.

Kills is the second of a planned trilogy, with Halloween Ends now set to follow in October 2022. Directly following the events of 2018’s reboot-quel, the Strode women – Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer) and Allyson (Andi Matichak) – will have to convince the townsfolk of Haddonfield that Myers is once again on the loose. Curtis is believed to take a bit of a backseat this time around, though, as the heroine recovers in the hospital, but she’ll step up again for Ends, which is said to conclude the Laurie/Michael saga for good.

Richtman doesn’t mention what form this new Halloween Kills footage will take, but it sounds like it will be another, say, 60-second clip rather than a trailer. Seeing as the first clip focused on the Strode women, maybe this one will tease Michael’s side of the story?