Halloween Kills Photo Teases The Return Of A Familiar Element From The Original


Though we’ve still got another half a year to go until it finally gets here, this new photo from the set of Halloween Kills promises that a familiar element from the original entry in the franchise will return. As a direct continuation of it, wiping every other sequel from continuity, 2018’s Halloween paid homage to the 1978 movie in many ways and Kills will only double down on that. For instance, a famous car from the first film will feature in this October’s follow-up.

Producer Ryan Freimann shared the below set pic on Instagram over the weekend. Though production wrapped up long ago in 2019, this is the first time we’ve seen this photo, and fans should recognize what it showcases instantly. “Classic car….hmm,” Freimann wrote in his caption. Yes, this is the same vehicle as the one that Michael Myers drove when he was stalking his prey around Haddonfield back in ’78.

In the original Halloween, Myers hijacked Dr. Loomis and Marion Chambers’ car and that’s how he escaped to the sleepy Illinois town that would soon become haunted by his actions. It’s been a point of mystery ever since exactly how he was able to drive, though, seeing as he was locked up in a sanitarium at the age of six. One exchange in the film even raises this question but doesn’t provide an answer.

It’s unclear how Loomis’ old car will be brought back, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that Myers may get behind the wheel again as a nod to this element of the first film. Remember, many of the supporting characters from the franchise opener will return in Kills. Nancy Stephens (Marion), Kyle Richards (Lindsey Wallace) and Charles Cyphers (ex-Sheriff Brackett) are all coming back, with Anthony Michael Hall taking over the role of Tommy Doyle.

Halloween Kills is due out this October 15th.