Halloween Kills Star Says The Film Is Halloween On Speed

Halloween 2018

“They’re creepy and they’re spooky, they’re ominous and ooky, they’re all together cooky, the Myers’ family!” Wait, did I mix my horror theme songs up? Damn, I hope Michael ain’t angry that I messed up. I wouldn’t want to become the victim of Halloween Kills, you know? Good thing I sang quietly.

Even if I sang loudly, though, apparently, per Michael Myers actor/stuntman James Jude Courtney, my voice would be drowned out by the film itself. Okay, not literally, but maybe viscerally.

The man under the mask has promised that the upcoming sequel to 2018’s smash hit is going to be way more intense than what we got last time. Just check out what he said specifically when sitting down with Pop Culture With Pat:

“We have to make the natural progression from 1978 to 2018 to Halloween Kills – the ante has be upped. The ticking bomb has to be more intense. Otherwise we’re just doing what we’ve done before. We pumped up the volume on this one. We’ve progressed late into the night, and now that everybody realizes what the stakes are…it’s reaching a head. It’s [the 2018 film] on speed.”

Ooo la la! That sounds exciting, eh? I mean, one complaint I don’t have about Halloween’18 is its pacing. It moved real quick, established itself and its premise right out the gate and rarely relented. Sure, we didn’t get a lot of character moments – at least, not as many as we probably needed for all the new faces in the movie – but what we got worked well enough. I do feel like H18 was missing that certain, uh, je ne sais quoi though, you feel me? I just felt like it lacked the human aspects. It’s hard for me to exactly put my finger on what was lacking in the movie, but I know that I walked out feeling a little let down.

This update, however, is promising. I’m worried that a ramp up in violence or a more sinister, gritty tone may have the sequel leaning more towards Zombie than Carpenter, but we literally know next to nothing about Halloween Kills aside from some details about a flashback and the fact that it seems to be revisiting a few plot elements from the original Halloween II from 1981. As such, we can’t make any judgments just yet. From everything we’ve been hearing, though, it certainly sounds like Blumhouse is onto another winner.

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