Halloween Producer Wants A William Shatner Cameo


While the mask of Michael Myers has gone through a few incarnations over the decades, the template for this chillingly inscrutable visage remains the face of one William Shatner, with the original 1978 Halloween using a spray-painted Captain James T. Kirk mask as its trademark prop.

Ten films later, the slightly altered face of Shatner continues to strike an ominous presence in this ongoing slasher series, and yet the Star Trek actor himself has yet to make a flesh-and-blood appearance in a single Halloween, and it’s not for a lack of trying, either.

At least, that’s what we gathered from recent statements made by producer Malek Akkad, whose credits can be found on more than half the films in the franchise thus far, including the upcoming Blumhouse sequel. Speaking to Halloween Movies, Akkad reported that he’s never heard Shatner comment on the unusual role he played in horror movie history.

“Not to me directly, and from what I hear he doesn’t really acknowledge it.”

Nonetheless, Akkad went on to claim that he’s previously tried bringing Shatner face to face with Michael Myers, and while they’ve had no luck so far, he hasn’t yet ruled this out as a possibility.

“I think he makes light of it. We actually have one of the original impressions of Shatner in our office in L.A., so obviously we’re really grateful to him, and in certain ways we’ve tried to reach out to him [to] maybe do an appearance,” Akkad said. “Lord know he’s busy enough with Star Trek stuff… but you never know.”

At this rate, it doesn’t look too hopeful that we’ll ever be treated to the slightly surreal spectacle of Shatner sharing screen time with a serial killer wearing his face. Nonetheless, we can at least look forward to the return of Myers, who’ll be sporting a wrinkled and aged version of his old mask when the new Halloween hits theaters on October 19th, 2018.