Halloween Producer Says Pay Close Attention To One Character In Particular


Last month, director and composer John Carpenter claimed that David Gordon Green knows the 1978 Halloween even better than he does, and we can see this respect for the slasher classic in the number of subtle callbacks and Easter eggs present in Green’s sequel of the same name. But while the recent home release of Blumhouse’s Halloween serves as an opportunity to seek out these references to the franchise’s history, producer Ryan Turek argues that the biggest clues to look for concern a brand new character who defies the formula set by the first film.

To elaborate, when ComicBook.com asked Turek if there’s anything interesting that fans should look out for when they re-watch the recent horror hit, the producer claimed that the movie has much to offer with multiple viewings.

“There’s a bunch of stuff,” Turek said. “I am very active on social media. I’m very active on my Instagram. I literally saved the #Halloweenmovie on Instagram, so I could see what everybody says for good or for bad. I feel like Halloween is a film that deserves multiple viewings, because you pick up on a lot of stuff.”

Turek then went on to single out Dr. Ranbir Sartain as the character you really want to watch closely, explaining that the signs of his sinister motives are visible from the start.

“I think that people should track very specifically Sartain. Sartain is a character who is very divisive. For good reason, I get that. What Sartain does in this film, what he says in the film. There’s a great line where Laurie says, ‘Oh, he’s the new Loomis.’ Everybody just took that at face value until there was a very specific turn that his character makes in the film.

“​I think it’s deserving to go back to the beginning and hear Sartain out. Even when he’s taking the journalists for their stroll, to go meet Michael, look and listen very closely to what he says. Track his movements, because it’s all backed up. A lot of people were like, ‘That came out of nowhere.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know if it came out of nowhere. You gotta listen to the man. He’s laying the groundwork.’”

Though the dark turn in Sartain’s arc came across as a little jarring for some viewers, perhaps a second watch will show this twist to be a little better integrated into the film than many gave it credit for. At the very least, fans may discover a few more Easter eggs that they missed the first time, be it a familiar prop or an unusual soundtrack choice.

Regardless, while it doesn’t look like Sartain is in any capacity to come back for the sequel, you can expect his former patient Michael Myers to grace our screens once again in the next couple of years. So far, we’re still waiting for details on the planned sequel, but in the meantime, the new Halloween is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.