Halloween: Rare Interviews With Danielle Harris Resurface


When it comes to iconic scream queens to have appeared in the Halloween film franchise, the first actress to spring to mind will probably be that of Jamie Lee Curtis – and deservedly so. But when it comes to those of us who are more acquainted with the series, there’s another fine talent that none of us can overlook, that being Danielle Harris.

Having originally played the character of Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and 5, she later returned to the franchise when director Rob Zombie rebooted it. That time, though, she played Annie Brackett. All things considered, life turned out well for someone who was a final girl at such a young age.

Now, thanks to Dread Central, a trio of rare interviews featuring Danielle have been unearthed, and each were recorded at different points throughout her career. Suffice it to say, going back and viewing these provides some keen insight, to say the least.

First up is an excerpt from her appearance on Geraldo. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t turn out to be like the routine press rounds one tends to make, and instead spiraled into the usual mess that trashy talk shows have become known for. In fact, she reflected on the sour memory in 1999:

“[Tony Timpone] was totally on my side. There was a guy in the audience who said that most women in horror movies turn out to be porno stars. That was actually cut out of the show because my mom said, ‘That’s wrong. That’s not going to be my daughter.’ I told the audience that there was crime every day in New York, and that the news was just as graphic as any horror movie, perhaps even more so — the fact that you can read that a women was stabbed to death 18 times and left in a dumpster is far more gruesome.”

But, if you’re in the market for something more informative – and if you wish to wonder how we lived before HD – then you’ll want to check out an episode of the Disney Channel’s (yep) Hollywood Lives. In this video, Harris details the difficulties that come with being a young actress – while also learning the fickle nature of the industry.

Believe it or not, her getting bumped from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was actually addressed head-on:

“I’m waiting to have a meeting with the executive producer. Like he doesn’t know me. I did two movies for him and he still wants me to have a meeting with him, I guess.

“They came back with a ridiculous amount of money and I thought they were joking. They offered me less money for Halloween 6 than I made in Halloween 5. I said, ‘I’m sorry but I pass. I’m insulted and I’m not going to work for that amount of money.’ Not to be a brat or anything, but I was really hurt.”

Our final exhibit comes courtesy of E! News’ Teen Screamers. And while it recounts a sordid experience with a stalker, it does contain some flashbacks to the set of Halloween 5, which you won’t want to miss.