Halloween 2 And 3 May Both Be Released In October 2020


2018’s Halloween was as successful a relaunch of the franchise as Blumhouse could’ve hoped for. The movie initially caused a bit of a stir for wiping established continuity – including the long-held fact that Laurie Strode and Michael Myers were siblings – apart from the 1978 original, but its impressive box office gross proved that this was the right move. Ever since its release, then, fans have been waiting patiently for news of a sequel.

Well, now we may have some, and if it’s true, it sounds like Halloween lovers will be in for a pretty special October next year. Bloody Disgusting reports that an “extremely reliable” source has informed them that David Gordon Green is returning to the franchise after directing the last film. What’s more, he’ll be helming two more movies that’ll not only be shot back to back but they’ll also be released in the same month.

BD admits that this news sounds quite far-fetched, but they have some good points to back it up. For one, it’s known that Blumhouse’s original plan was to film 2018’s Halloween and its sequel in one go before production on the second was halted when they decided to reconsider the first’s ending. Likewise, Jason Blum has already discussed his plans to make many more movies starring Michael Myers.

Dropping two whole films in the same month would certainly be a bold move, for sure, but it might not actually be as crazy as it seems. That said, until we get some concrete info on what form the next stage of the franchise will take, we should probably take this intel with a pinch of salt, just so we don’t get our hopes up. Still, the Halloween sequel(s) will probably go before cameras this fall, so we shouldn’t have long to wait for further updates.