There’s Been No Test Screenings For The Halloween Sequel, According To John Carpenter


Blumhouse’s Halloween hasn’t been test screened yet because there hasn’t even been a first cut. Or so says John Carpenter.

The undisputed Master of Horror took to Facebook (h/t Fansided) yesterday evening in order to set the record straight, revealing that Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green are yet to settle on a first cut, let alone release a theatrical print that’s ready to be screened in front of a test audience.

That ought to allay fears that the long-anticipated Halloween sequel was struggling to leave much of an impression among focus groups, after it emerged over the weekend that some viewers had taken issue with the ending. Turns out those allegations were totally false, as Carpenter told his Facebook audience that, “There hasn’t even been a first cut. No test screenings yet.”

Short and sweet, then, but after Blumhouse lifted the lid on a suitably creepy poster – a poster that appears to hint at a one-eyed Michael Myers – it shouldn’t be too much longer before the studio is ready to release Halloween‘s inaugural teaser.

The untitled reboot, co-written by Green and his frequent collaborator Danny McBride, sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her role as Laurie Strode, cinema’s original ‘final girl’ who first confronted The Shape 40 years ago. This time around, though, Curtis promises that Myers goes “full-tilt boogeyman.” So, at the very least, fans can feel safe in the knowledge that Halloween will deliver the scares when it haunts theaters this October.

It’s also told through the eyes of Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), which ought to make for an interesting change of pace once the lights go down on October 19th.

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