New Halloween Set Pic Teases Michael’s Bloody Handiwork


Now that filming on Blumhouse Productions’ Halloween has officially commenced, we’ve been given a continuous flow of news and photos from the set. Actually, some of them have proven to be real delights, especially those such as one showing Nick Castle taking a break in between takes.

For those unfamiliar, Castle played horror icon Michael Myers all the way back in the original film released in 1978. Well, at least for most of the picture. You see, Tony Moran filled in when Michael was shown to be unmasked, something we’re wondering if they’ll repeat in the upcoming sequel. But we digress.

Speaking of Mr. Castle, the actor’s now taken to Twitter to share a new photo from the set. The context of it is unknown, but he appears to be showing us his bloody hand, leading us to believe Michael might have just claimed another victim. You can check it out down in the gallery below, along with a few others that’ve surfaced recently.

It’s not much, but just seeing Castle back on set is very exciting. For him to be reprising his role, four decades later, surely means that director David Gordon Green is planning on delivering a truly incisive series instalment that pays the proper tribute to its origin, while still bringing many new things to the iconic story. In other words, color us excited.

Admittedly, we still don’t know very much about the next Halloween at this early stage, but we’re expecting a faithful, horror-oriented sequel that’ll be a cut above the past few entries in the franchise. After all, fans need a win here after suffering through efforts like Resurrection and The Curse of Michael Myers and with any luck, the filmmakers will deliver just that.

Get excited, folks. This Halloween season will be surely be a special one, as Blumhouse Productions are about to welcome viewers back to Haddonfield on October 19th.

Source: Twitter