Halloween Tops $225 Million Worldwide After Another Great Weekend


By now, you’ve hopefully had the chance to see Blumhouse’s recently released Halloween sequel, and if you haven’t, you should probably do so soon, as it’s without a doubt the best entry into the franchise since the 1978 original – something our very own Christian Bone eloquently expressed his opinion on in a recent feature he penned.

Even if not everyone agrees with that, though, it would appear that a fair amount of you view the flick favorably. I mean, when you remember that Halloween scored a $77.5 million opening weekend and piled another $32 million on top of that shortly thereafter, we imagine that at least a good deal of people out there must be interested, right?

In fact, these impressive numbers got even better this weekend, as the pic earned another $11 million on home turf, which helped increase its global haul to a whopping $229.6 million. Broken down, that looks like $150.4 million domestically and $79.2 million internationally.

It goes without saying that things have been going very well for this timeline-altering series reboot. In fact, star Jamie Lee Curtis recently took to Twitter to break down just some of the sequel’s opening weekend achievements, saying:

“OK. I’m going for one BOAST post.  Biggest horror movie opening with a female lead.

Biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55.

Second biggest October movie opening ever.

Biggest Halloween opening ever”

Given that it’s still early days, details on the inevitable sequel remain vague, but co-writer Danny McBride confirmed the other week that talks have already begun on the follow-up. Who’ll be returning for another round with Michael, however, remains unclear, with Curtis saying that she’ll only come back for another outing if Green does.

There’ll be time to learn the details of what’s next for this un-killable horror property, but until that sequel comes our way, this latest Halloween is surely one that’s going to go down as one of the genre’s finer efforts of the past several years.

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