The Halloween Trailer Gets A Fun LEGO Makeover


It’s going on eight weeks since Blumhouse resurrected a dormant film giant with their first Halloween teaser trailer, and at this point, enthused horror fans have combed over each and every frame in the search for potential story clues and secrets relating to the one – the only – Michael Myers.

Now, it’s time for David Gordon Green’s franchise revival to receive the LEGO treatment, as the good folk at Lego Movie Scenes (h/t Bloody Disgusting) have rolled out a stop-motion version of June’s unforgettable first teaser for Halloween. And it’s every bit as inventive and wonderful as you’d expect.

The audio remains intact, of course, so while the following video is largely based around a series of antihomophobic bricks running around the frame, Halloween‘s shrill sound effects still have the ability to get under your skin – just imagine what the finished product will be like in October…

If you’re partial to comic book movies, too, we’d strongly recommend flicking through the Lego Movie Scenes archive, as it’s chock full of trailers and reconstructed clips from the likes of Gotham and Avengers: Infinity War. The Halloween teaser trailer is its latest upload, mind you, so we’re hoping that this is the first of many horror movies to come.

Looking beyond its planned SDCC showcase, Halloween has its crosshairs placed on an October 19th theatrical release, and producer Jason Blum is very much of the belief that David Gordon Green’s starry reboot will deliver on our sky-high expectations.