Halloween’s Michael Myers Graces The Cover Of Fangoria’s Returning Issue


Though I’m thrilled to live in an age which sees entertainment news appearing on the internet the moment it breaks (it also does keep me employed, after all), I won’t forget how I loved reading magazines pertaining to movies and video games during my formative years. I mean, there are some notable ones that’ve stuck around, though they aren’t as plentiful as before.

So, if you were also a genre nut, then you likely remember picking up publications such as Fangoria and Starlog at some point. Fortunately, the former is making a comeback and doing it in style by getting in on the hype surrounding Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel.

Seen below, the cover lined up for the returning issue prominently features the incomparable Michael Myers, who’s someone we can all agree on being one of the most recognizable faces (I’m aware he’s wearing a mask, so don’t split hairs with me) in the entire horror genre. I mean, if you were trying to relaunch something geared toward the macabre, there aren’t many better candidates from which you could choose.

Of course, the whole thing isn’t devoted to Halloween, as there’ll also be coverage on Puppet Master: The Littlest ReichSuspiria and an un-filmed Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel. Not only that, but spotlights on the likes of Eli Roth and Chuck Palahniuk will additionally be included.

Given all that content, this writer certainly hopes Fangoria manages to draw back its old readers while also enthralling new audiences. In my view, it was the horror magazine back in the day, so fingers remain crossed that the encore is just as strong.

As for Halloween, that arrives in theaters on October 19th.

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