Halloween’s Tyler Mane Reveals Which Other Horror Icon He’d Like To Play

Halloween II

When it comes to the motion picture industry, most actors will tell you that you’re fortunate enough to play one iconic character in your lifetime. Some, however, manage to rack up several more during their careers, and you have to give them credit for being able to do so.

Having had the chance to interview Tyler Mane this past weekend at The Monroe Pop Fest, it did indeed occur to me that I was essentially meeting both Halloween‘s Michael Myers and X-Men’s Sabretooth in one fell swoop. That said, he’s part of the exclusive club mentioned moments ago.

Before having the privilege to chat with Tyler though, one question I knew I’d ask him was which other horror icon he’d like to play. In the past, Kane Hodder, who’s perhaps best known for playing Jason Voorhees in four Friday the 13th movies, told me he’d like to suit up as Michael Myers one day. So, naturally, I’d wondered if Mane had similar aspirations, and here’s what he said:

“I would love to be a Frankenstein monster. That would be cool.”

Truth be told, I hadn’t expected him to choose such a classic character, though it stands to reason he could’ve grown up watching older monster movies and the like. With Mane standing tall at an impressive 6’8″, the role would be a good fit for him.

Funny enough, I did bring up how Mane would be catching up with Derek Mears, which seemingly brought a smile to the Halloween star’s face. To provide a bit of backstory, I first met both of those gentlemen at a convention back in 2013, where they were also judges for the costume contest and worked together quite well. Mears is known for having played Jason Voorhees, the Predator and Swamp Thing himself, so he’s likewise enjoyed some sweet gigs in his day. But in the meantime, fingers remain crossed for Mane getting the Frankenstein job down the line.