Hamilton Fans Can’t Get Over Jonathan Groff’s Spitting


Disney Plus’ decision to add Hamilton to their platform this weekend has already produced a lot of excited reactions, even if there has been some debate over censorship in the production. Being able to enjoy Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical at home has certainly given people a boost during lockdown, especially on the July 4th weekend. However, some fans can’t get over Jonathan Groff’s spitting as King George III.

More specifically, during his numbers, Groff’s precise enunciation means that he’s, well, doing a lot of spitting. Given where we are at the moment with social distancing, it makes sense that people are reacting more unusually than they might have last year to Groff’s performance. Indeed, the response on Twitter has even been enough to get Miranda himself talking about it:

Other fans were similarly intrigued by just how much spit Groff seems to generate when performing:

Some people, however, have stepped in to explain just why Groff has an unusual amount of spit:


It’s worth pointing out that viewers were also appreciative of Groff’s general talents, in a role as King George that arguably still ranks as the definitive performance in the musical’s history. Praise for Groff included the following:

Since appearing in Hamilton, Groff has played several strikingly different roles, including over two seasons of Netflix’s Mindhunter as investigator Holden Ford, and a reprisal of his part as Kristoff in Frozen II. As well as continuing to appear on stage, Groff is currently involved in The Matrix 4 as an as-yet-unnamed character, with the sequel expected to arrive in 2022.

Meanwhile, it’s a great time to check out Hamilton on Disney Plus, with the theatre recording doing well to capture the excitement of a live performance, ridiculous levels of words-per-minute and all. Given that live theatre likely won’t be returning for a long time, and even then with long waits or steep ticket prices to contend with for Hamilton, the Disney Plus version is the closest most people will get to seeing it performed.