Hamilton Star Has Advice For People Dealing With Cancel Culture


At this point, the ‘cancel’ culture has officially gone out of control. A celebrity or movie star need only bring up one subject that’s remotely insensitive and it’s enough to rile up many people on social media platforms to go on a rant in an attempt to damage the person’s career or, at the very least, their popularity.

Just recently, we’ve seen folks on the internet try to oust Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg, John Krasinski, and Sebastian Stan, all for comments or actions that users deemed inconsiderate. The madness has gone unchecked to the point that people now want to cancel movies as well, the most recent example of which was Captain America: Civil War, due to its title. And while many stand up to the social bullying, some actually sympathize with what these angry users have to say.

Take Hamilton‘s Phillipa Soo, for instance, who recently discussed why influencers and celebrities must address the population’s concerns and try to win their hearts back. Ironic, in and of itself, since it was just the other week that people were actively trying to cancel the Broadway musical for its depiction of slavery.

“Cancel culture: If you are ‘cancelled’ but do not wish to be, you must WORK to EARN back people’s respect by owning up to the thing that cancelled you in the first place, LISTENING to others, EDUCATING yourself, and ADVOCATING on behalf of the people that you have offended/harmed,” Soo wrote on Twitter.


Given the fact that Hamilton has stolen the spotlight ever since debuting on Disney+, it’s no surprise that the musical’s stars are also becoming the centerfold of attention on the internet. And perhaps that’s why Soo is taking the time to address important cultural issues on her Twitter feed.

But tell us, have you checked out the beloved broadway play on Disney Plus yet? And if so, what did you think of it? As always, feel free to leave a comment down below with your thoughts.