Han Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich On Donald Glover’s Casting, Chewbacca And More


The idea of a Han Solo origin movie initially didn’t sit very well with Star Wars fans, many of whom felt there simply wasn’t anyone out there that could live up to Harrison Ford’s iconic take on the character. But, when talented Hail, Caesar! actor Alden Ehrenreich landed the highly coveted role, a lot of people softened their stance a little.

Ehrenreich has previously spoken about the audition process, but during a new interview with Variety, the 26-year-old praises his co-star Donald Glover  (who was recently cast as a younger Lando Calrissian) and confirms that the film will also feature a younger, though not a whole lot shorter, take on Chewie.

“I’m allowed to say that I’m really excited about Donald Glover’s casting. I think he’s going to be great in the role because he’s such a talented and interesting guy. And I can say that Chewbacca’s in the film, although I know that’s not a huge spoiler. He’s as much younger as I am in the film… So, I think he’s like 190 — or something — years old. I don’t think there’s a huge growth spurt for him from 190 to 210, so he’s probably about the same height.”

Considering the most loyal wookie in the galaxy is going to look pretty much the same, there’s always a chance Peter Mayhew could reprise the role, but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Furthermore, specific plot details remain under wraps for now, but we should find out more in the coming months, as the young Han Solo‘s anthology movie will blast into theaters on May 25th, 2018.