Hans Zimmer Set To Score Wonder Woman 1984


Steven Soderbergh notwithstanding, Hans Zimmer must now rank up there among Hollywood’s worst retirees.

For years, it looked certain that the industry legend and all-around musical maestro had retired from the superhero scene after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. But it seems Zimmer still has a taste for DC’s costumed crusaders, as the prolific composer has reportedly signed on to score Wonder Woman 1984 for Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. Pictures.

At least, that’s according to Hans-Zimmer.com (h/t Film Music Reporter), whose latest report claims that Zimmer will indeed provide the soundtrack for Diana Prince’s 80s adventure – an adventure in which she “comes into conflict with the Soviet Union” during the height of the Cold War.

And that’s not all; as previously revealed, Kristen Wiig has agreed to play the part of Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s most formidable foes and a true fan-favorite among comic book readers.

On paper, it certainly makes sense for Warner Bros. to court Hans Zimmer back to the DC Extended Universe. Alongside Junkie XL, he created the by-now iconic Wonder Woman score, so we imagine the Powers That Be wanted an updated version in time for November 2019.

This is by no means the first time that Zimmer has flirted with the possibility of un-retiring, as the legendary composer was initially linked with X-Men: Dark Phoenix over at Fox before the production hit a roadblock – it’s since been pushed into 2019, and is now facing a series of pretty extensive reshoots.

Sandwiched in between Star Wars: Episode IX and the standalone Joker movie from Todd Phillips, Wonder Woman 1984 has officially been set for a release on November 1st, 2019. And it can’t come soon enough.