Happy Death Day 3 Might Be Headed To Streaming

Happy Death Day

Blumhouse fans are desperate for Jason Blum to give us the news we’re all waiting for and tell us that Happy Death Day 3 is finally happening. Unfortunately, the limited box office gross of the 2019 sequel just wasn’t enough to get a threequel fast-tracked, despite director Christopher Landon planning one out, but the good news is that Blum has stated that he’s dedicated to finding a way to making it work.

Previously, the producer has said that HDD3 could happen but with a different release strategy from the first two, and a new rumor now points to what this would be. According to insider Daniel Richtman, Blumhouse is discussing producing the next entry in the horror-comedy time loop franchise as a streaming exclusive. That’s all the scooper had to say on this for the moment, and he’s classifying it as a rumor, but it’s worth considering all the same.

This generally lines up with what Blum has teased before, after all. When Landon’s Freaky came out last November, the producer said that he thinks HDD3 could follow the same strategy as that – 17 days in theaters and then it’s dropped on premium VOD. That’s not exactly the straight-to-streaming release Richtman has heard about, but it does demonstrate that Blum understands the best bet for getting the movie off the ground is mostly aiming for the digital market.

Star Jessica Rothe has always maintained she would return to play heroine Tree Gelbman whenever she’s wanted, and Landon has made clear that the third one can happen at any time as it’s set later than the other two, which both took place on the exact same day. Everyone’s on board with producing Happy Death Day 3then, and it sounds like Blumhouse might’ve finally figured out how to make it work.