Happy Death Day Director Addresses The Possibility Of A Third Movie


We’ve had Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U, but what about Happy Death Day to M3?

It’s a stretch, but when ComicBook.com caught up with writer-director Christopher Landon and series producer Jason Blum, the former weighed in on the possibility of a third installment in the cult horror series. Alas, while it was revealed just recently that Landon had begun work on a new horror project at Blumhouse, it’s definitely not Happy Death Day 3, though the filmmaker admits to having an outline for where things could go… should the stars ever align.

I had a fair amount of detail for the third movie as well, though I did not write a script. I have an outline for that third movie, but I did not bother writing the script just because, A) I was making the second movie and B) I didn’t want to assume that like, ‘Oh, I’m going to make a third movie.’ And my assumption was pretty correct. It was surprising, but, to some degree, I think I would have been a lot more upset if I had written the third movie completely and then didn’t have the opportunity to make it.

And at least for now, neither Landon nor Blum are prepared to divulge any concrete details about that mystery horror movie in question – they simply wanted to go on record to remind horror fans that they’re not in any way trying to mislead them about a third Happy Death Day film (or lack thereof), so that certainly clears that up.

Landon continued:

It will be revealed. Jason and I didn’t want to, we’re not those people that want to dick people around and pretend like, ‘Oh, we’re actually making it guys, hehe, we’re just telling you we’re not.’ No, that’s not what’s happening. We’re making a different movie together. I’m super excited about it, but it’s not Happy Death Day 3.

When the first Happy Death Day movie screeched onto the scene in 2017, it felt like a smart reinvention of the time-travel formula – albeit with sprinklings of horror – while the sequel built on those solid foundations. If a third installment was to ever get the green light (unlikely, but we live in hope), what would you like to see next? Let us know your thoughts and predictions below.