Leaked Deleted Scene From Avengers: Infinity War Features Happy Hogan


Every time Jon Favreau turns up as Happy Hogan in the MCU, I get a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. So when I realized that, once the New York-based scenes were finished in Avengers: Infinity War we were very unlikely to see Happy pop up on Titan or taking part in the battle of Wakanda, I was a little let down. Surely if there’s time for so many other heroes in such an expansive movie, we can also find a little time for Tony Stark’s frustrated yet affably normal bodyguard and friend, right?

Well, my prayers have now been answered, as Happy Hogan has officially made his Infinity War debut courtesy of this leaked deleted scene from the upcoming home video release. From what we understand, it would’ve taken place right at the opening of the film, when Tony Stark’s finally making a great romantic gesture towards Pepper Potts. Just after he does, Hogan rolls in on a golf cart and says that Tony and Pepper should just elope and get it over with, “because this media circus is driving me crazy. I’m trying to keep these pictures out of the paper and off the internet so your wedding’s not ruined.”

Give it a watch below:

Honestly, I’ve always liked the normal characters in the MCU. Be they Happy, Agent Phil Coulson or Ned Leeds in Spider-Man: Homecoming, their reactions to the increasingly insane things that happen to our heroes ground the movies in something approaching reality, drawing us in further into the emotional stakes of the universe. And, in this instance, Jon Favreau’s just a damn funny guy.

You can look for this scene and more to surface in proper HD when Avengers: Infinity War debuts on Digital on July 31st, followed by a Blu-ray release on August 14th.