Harold & Kumar Star Kal Penn Shares Details About His 11-Year Relationship and Engagement To Partner Josh

Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn opened up about his 11-year relationship and engagement with Josh during a recent press tour for his upcoming memoir “You Can’t Be Serious.”

Penn and Josh met when the actor was living in Washington D.C. while working for the Obama Administration. Penn worked for the administration from 2009 to 2011.

Penn revealed to PEOPLE magazine that he kept his relationship away from the media because of respect for Josh and his family.

“I’ve always been very public with everybody I’ve personally interacted with. Whether it’s somebody that I meet at a bar, if Josh and I are out, or we’re talking to friends. I’m really excited to share our relationship with readers.”

The comedian added, “But Josh, my partner, my parents, and my brother, four people who I’m closest to in the family, are fairly quiet. They don’t love attention and shy away from the limelight.”

Also, in the interview, Penn shared that despite discovering his sexuality later in life, he is proud that he figured out who he was regardless of the timeline.

“I discovered my own sexuality relatively late in life compared to many other people. There’s no timeline on this stuff. People figure their sh-t out at different times in their lives, so I’m glad I did when I did.”

In addition to Penn’s love life, the memoir also touched points on his childhood experiences, his early start in Hollywood, dealing with racism in the media, the Obama administration, and many more.

Penn’s memoir “You Can’t Be Serious” release date is set for Nov. 2.