Harrison Ford Fans Can’t Believe He’s Under Investigation By The FAA

Han Solo Harrison Ford

Anybody with even a passing interest in Star Wars would be able to tell you that Han Solo in one of the greatest pilots that the galaxy has ever seen, while those that closely follow Harrison Ford‘s career know full well that life most definitely does not imitate art. The veteran actor has found himself in the headlines, and also under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration, after a recent incident at California’s Hawthorne Airport due to a communication error that saw him doing the exact opposite of what the control tower was telling him to do.

It comes at a pretty bad time for the Indiana Jones star, who was in the process of getting his pilot’s license updated and renewed, and it isn’t even the first time he’s had a brush with danger while manning the controls of an aircraft. In 1999, Ford crashed a helicopter during a routine training exercise with an instructor, and while neither suffered any major injuries, the vehicle ended up skidding along the ground before ending up on its side and suffering serious damage in the process.

Then in 2015, he was forced to make a hard emergency landing on a golf course after experiencing engine failure, which resulted in him being taken to the hospital with a broken pelvis and broken ankle, before being diagnosed with retrograde amnesia as a result. If that wasn’t enough, two years later he caused another incident at John Wayne Airport when he overflew a jet on the runway while making a landing.

Since news broke of his latest mishap, fans have taken to social media with their opinions that Harrison Ford and aircrafts simply don’t go together particularly well, and you can check out some of their reactions below.

At 77 years old and with a history of close calls behind him in recent years, who knows if Harrison Ford will even get his wings back this time. While it would be a shame for the big screen icon to lose out on one of his favorite pastimes, the fans would certainly be much happier if he stuck firmly to his day job for a little while.