Harrison Ford On If Han Solo Will Ever Return In Star Wars


We all remember the moment, right?

Han Solo, his copilot Chewbacca, and the young patriot, Finn (John Boyega) head off to find their friend Rey (Daisy Ridley) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, who’s been captured and interrogated by Ren and the First Order. Han and Chewy separate from Finn to plant bombs around the facility, and as they finish, Ren makes an appearance, walking out onto a catwalk. We don’t know how long it’s been since Han’s seen his son, but the brave father, praying for a glimpse of his child, makes his way out there to confront him.

Han tells Ren to return with him to the light side, insisting that the evil powers that have corrupted him will eventually destroy him. It seems that Ben (that’s his real name) understands, as a few touching moments lead to him handing his lightsaber to Han. He asks for his help, but when Han goes to reach for the weapon, Ren activates it, stabbing his father right through the heart. In his final moments, Han touches Kylo’s face, and falls into the abyss below. That right there is the end of an era.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Star Wars fans everywhere, and more than likely, signaled the last time that we’d see Han Solo in that form. Although, this being a sci-fi franchise, one that’s brought characters back from the dead on a few occasions, many people still wonder whether or not Harrison Ford might be tempted to return one day – including Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

Speaking on Live! with Kelly and Ryan recently, the actor was asked, yet again, whether or not Han may come back from the dead. In short, the answer is no, with Ford saying the following:

“He’s dead. I’d been begging to die for the cause for a couple of years,” he explained. “I thought Han Solo’s got no mama, got no papa, doesn’t believe in the Force. What can we do here? What’s his ultimate utility? To sacrifice himself for others. Well, they figured a different idea, but it worked for them, worked for me, and brought on some fresh horses.”

So, it doesn’t sound like we’ll ever see Ford reprise his iconic role again, and that’s probably for the best, when you think about it. For one, it would cheapen his death in The Force Awakens and we’re also getting a Han Solo prequel film in the not too distant future. Sure, it might not be Harrison Ford who’s playing the smuggler, but fans will still get to spend some significant time with the character – and that’s good enough for us.