Harrison Ford Returns As Han Solo In Star Wars: Episode VII

Harrison Ford - Star Wars: Episode VII

Harrison Ford - Star Wars: Episode VII

When one thinks of Star Wars, one vividly remembers the charming smuggler, Han Solo, who was involved in a love affair with the beautiful Princess Leia Organa. Although a phenomenal character, it’s even harder to forget the actor who brought Han Solo’s character alive on screen – Harrison Ford – in the 1977 movie.

Well, Star Wars fans, we have good news for you – Latino Review has confirmed that Harrison Ford will be returning to his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. The last time we saw Han Solo was in the 1983 movie, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, which featured Solo’s rescue from the alien with the somewhat flat face – Jabba the Hutt.

While this is great news, there’s been no confirmation on Han Solo’s placement in the Walt Disney movie, but so far we’ve heard that Star Wars: Episode VII‘s plot will consist of an original story. Ford’s part may be quite significant in the film, but we won’t have any idea on just how significant it is until Disney and Lucasfilm release an official statement.

Of course, we can’t forget the movie’s other fan favorites like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, portrayed by Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher respectively, but currently there’s no news concerning whether they’ll be returning for Star Wars: Episode VII. Though if Ford is reprising his role, it’s likely that we may be seeing their appearances. After all, you can’t have Han Solo without his Princess Leia.

Before we get to see Ford as the Corellian smuggler turned hero though, he has quite the busy schedule. You can catch the aging actor in Ender’s Game42, and Paranoia for a quick Harrison Ford fix before he returns to one of his most iconic roles of all time.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be directed by J.J. Abrams, who’s worked on the Star Trek films, and the screenplay will be penned by Michael Ardnt, who was involved with Toy Story 3.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more info. Until then, may the Force be with you.