Harry And Lloyd To Search For A Lost Son In Dumb And Dumber To

The long anticipated sequel to Dumb And Dumber, Dumb And Dumber Tohas been crawling towards production for an agonizingly long time, but it’s finally taking some major steps. The latest news comes our way from Digital Spy who interviewed director Bobby Farrelly and gained some major plot details.    

“The story revolves around the fact that one of them may have sired a child. They want to go and find the child because he’s having a kidney problem and he wants to ask him for one of his kidneys”

That description makes it sound like we will be treated to another epic cross-country journey, shaggin’ wagon and all. The fact that finding a son, and a necessary kidney, is a bit heavier than returning a briefcase to a barely known girl will hardly detract from the humor of the film, as Farrelly assures “there is no growth out of either one of them.”

After the let-down of thinking the project was dead due to the departure of Jim Carrey, we received the good news that the actor may indeed be on board. Farrelly insists that the film will happen too, which is encouraging to all fans of the iconic comedy.

The tentative plan is to begin shooting next spring with a Fall 2013 release in mind. That seems very ambitious, and I hope they don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Either way though, I can’t wait to see what shenanigans Harry and Lloyd will get up to this time.

What do you think of this plot for Dumb And Dumber To? Will it do the original justice?