Daniel Radcliffe Dishes On His Harry Potter Casting: “I Was Not The Most Gifted Actor”


Almost 17 years have passed since the launch and subsequent success of Philosopher’s Stone, and still, the Harry Potter IP continues to rake in the big bucks for Warner Bros. Pictures and series author, J.K. Rowling.

Both parties are now fully focused on their successor series, Fantastic Beasts, which is poised to continue through The Crimes of Grindelwald this November. But no matter what the future holds for Rowling’s rich world of witchcraft and wizardry, Daniel Radcliffe will forever be associated with the Boy Who Lived – for better or worse.

Because two decades ago, Radcliffe landed the role of a lifetime, even if he was initially taken aback by Warner’s decision. At the time, casting director Janet Hirshenson stressed that other Potter candidates were “not going to have the balls” for it, while Radcliffe, in typically self-deprecating fashion, believed he was “not the most gifted child actor.”

The thing that I will always say about myself is I was not the most gifted child actor. When I look at other young actors, like when I look at the kids on Stranger Things or shows like that, I’m just like, ‘Holy! My god! How are you doing that?’ It’s amazing. The thing I think I really was good at, and the thing I had, which was a huge advantage for me, was I just loved it.

It’s this same passion that eventually swayed Warner Bros. and Hirshenson into making their decision, and the rest is history.

I loved being on set. I was good at being on set. I loved learning how to be helpful. The greatest thing about being on set is you get to be part of a team. That’s the most special thing about it, and you get to feel like with everyone else you are making this thing together, and I loved that feeling straight away. I think that was definitely what made me a great fit for those films.

The Harry Potter saga will continue, though, as Warner Bros. has mapped out plans for an entire prequel series revolving around J.K. Rowling spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Each installment – including this year’s Crimes of Grindelwald – will take place in a different city, proving that WB’s fledgling series will, through time, blossom into a global story.