‘Harry Potter’ fans pitch their best ‘What If…?’ ideas for the series

While there’s little doubt that Marvel’s own What If…? series was a wild ride for audiences, the concept behind the animated show remains one of the most intriguing things for different fandoms to ponder. Now, Potterheads are the latest to discuss how things would’ve played out in alternate Harry Potter realities.

Of course, most fans of the Wizarding World will admit, much to their dismay, that J.K. Rowling has already gone down that avenue. After all, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which served as a direct sequel to The Deathly Hallows, depicted an alternate reality where Neville fails to kill Nagini and Voldemort manages to subjugate the magical realm in its entirety.

But now, diehard enthusiasts are pitching their best ideas on Reddit about a possible What If…? timeline for Harry Potter. While there are a lot of them floating around, some are gaining more traction.

One person pointed out how cool it’d have been if Harry actually used the two-way mirror Sirius gave him, an element that Rowling seemingly forgot after the latter’s death in book 5. Another fan mused about a version of the story where the Dursleys actually care about Harry.

But if we’re speculating about possibilities, why not take it to some of the more extreme and significant instances? Like, what if Harry actually shook Draco’s hand and became friends with him? Could he help redeem the character by the end of the story, a development that the original narrative clearly lacks?

And what if Hermione never came upon Harry and Ron’s compartment in the first book? We can only imagine how differently things would’ve worked out if she never became a member of the trio.

What other possibilities can you think of regarding a What If…? series centering around Harry Potter, though? Sound off below.