New Harry Potter Theory Says That Hagrid Was Actually A Death Eater

Harry POtter Voldemort

While the core series of books may have come to an end over a decade ago, don’t expect the Harry Potter franchise to disappear from the limelight in the near future. In addition to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (over at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida), Warner Bros. is working on three more Fantastic Beasts films, and who could forget the recently-released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is partly inspired by Pokémon Go. 

Even though the franchise as a whole has shifted to focus on a new batch of characters, it seems longtime fans are still eager to discuss some of the series’ well-known figures. Just a few days back, we reported on everyone’s favorite half-giant half-human Hagrid, and what happened to him after the books came to an end.

Now, as the Daily Express notes, a new fan theory has emerged, suggesting that the bumbling oaf was, in fact, an undercover Death Eater and servant to Lord Voldemort the whole time. This notion comes straight from Reddit user Whoofph, who recently took it upon themselves to re-read all seven books. To back up their claim, Whoofph points out that Hagrid seems to have access to advanced fast-travel magic, had a history with Voldemort at Hogwarts, and worked to deliver Harry to the Dark Lord during the Triwizard Tournament.

While there are some interesting points outlined in the incredibly lengthy post (which you should check out for yourself via the link below), the inconsistencies regarding Hagrid’s magical abilities can be brushed off, considering that, in the first book, author J.K. Rowling was still establishing the rules and limitations of the magical community and wizarding world at large.

Also, some of Whoofph’s points are a little inconsistent, seeing as how they only reference what happened in the original book series. For example, Hagrid did not recover and hold onto Voldemort’s wand – J.K. Rowling herself confirmed that Peter Pettigrew was responsible.

Still, the fan theory is an interesting read nonetheless, but as far as its credibility and accuracy, we’re certain that most Harry Potter fans will dismiss it entirely.