Syfy Hosting Harry Potter Marathon All Day Today


There’s never been an article written in real-time on this site. Till today, that is.

Ok, I kid, but seriously, I’ve got to write fast because I need to inform you that a Harry Potter marathon is airing on Syfy right now. Yes, this very second. I’m afraid it’s already too late for The Philosopher’s Stone (sorry Yanks, that’s its real title) and Chamber of Secrets, but by the time this article goes out you’ll still be able to catch the best part of five Potter movies. As I write this, the channel is currently an hour into Prisoner of Azkaban. Hopefully we make it to print before it’s over.

Coronavirus quarantines may have confined us to a more homebound existence than we’re used to, but it’s not like 21st century home living is want for diversions. You could learn French, buy a ukulele, discover the completed works of Showaddywaddy, or you could just watch the Harry Potter marathon on Syfy. That’s one afternoon’s entertainment sorted.

Now that you mention it…wait, you didn’t? Ok, I’ll try again. Now that the thought springs to mind (it did), the biggest ever Harry Potter store, due to open in the heart of New York this summer, is probably not going to open in New York this summer. Who would’ve thought when I wrote that three months ago that before J.K. Rowling could even get a foothold in America, western civilization would have ended as we know it? That messes with my melon man. I’m sad for Potterists just thinking about it.

Leave a comment if… no wait. There’s no time for comments. Get on Syfy before it’s too late. We’re less than 10 hours from Dumbledore dying. Even Harry Potter marathons don’t last forever (though it can sure as hell feel like they do).