Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Thinks The Franchise Will Be Rebooted

Harry Potter

There’s no denying that Harry Potter is one of the biggest movie/book franchises in recent history. It seems that just about everyone on planet Earth has either seen the films or read the novels and even though the story – on the big screen, at least – officially came to an end in 2011, people are still talking about it.

And you know what else people are talking about? Reboots. A lot of studios are currently all aboard the reboot train, so the question we have to ask ourselves is: will Harry Potter be getting a reboot any time soon? Perhaps, and in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has said that not only could a reboot happen in the future, but that he would also be interested in being involved.

Now, hold your horses. He’s not necessarily saying that the franchise will be redone any time soon, but that rebooting the series is inevitable and will eventually happen. And we definitely agree.

Felton told the British newspaper that while J.K. Rowling may not want to see her creation redone in the near future, he’s certain that in “20 years when they’ve got 4D, scratch-and-sniff cinemas, or whatever, then they’ll want to do it all over again.” We’re not quite sure whether Harry Potter would work as a scratch-and-sniff experience, but whatever, we’re open to new ideas.

He also said he’d be up for reprising his role as Malfoy, only as Lucius instead of Draco, adding that he would “do it in a heartbeat” if the reboot were to happen in the next 15 years.

So, even though co-star Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort) said Rowling is probably done with the series, Felton seems positive that a reboot’s on the cards. Just not yet.

What are your thoughts on this, though? Would you like to see the Harry Potter films rebooted? Let us know in the comments section down below.