Emma Watson And Tom Felton Reunite And Harry Potter Fans Are Loving It

Harry Potter

What is it that keeps the Harry Potter magic going? Is it the fandom? The timelessness of the books and movies? All that’s well and good, but my money’s on the stars and how gosh darned adorable they are, still. Even Ron.

Case in point? Tom Felton and Emma Watson. Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger have remained friends since their final Potter movie, and occasionally they’ll pop up on each other’s Instagram. And each time, the world lets out a collective “awwww!”

Here’s their latest selfie, taken in their pajamas, with Tom appearing to teach Emma a few guitar tricks somewhere in South Africa:

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Quick learner x

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There’s no doubt Watson’s a quick learner, as hinted at by the caption. She’s got a degree in English Literature from Brown University, after all, not to mention a stellar IQ. She should be playing “Stairway to Heaven” in no time.

Her and Felton have a long, cute history of snapping selfies of each other as well. In November of last year, Watson posted this beach (yes, on a beach in November…jelly) pic to celebrate Tom’s then-new YouTube Premium series, Origin:


Felton’s show didn’t make it past season 1, but that didn’t stop his friend from hyping it. Then, this February, he snapped a pic of Watson, who posted it to her Instagram with the caption “Friends capture you the best.”

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Friends capture you best ? ? @t22felton

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The magic of the duo’s most recent picture is revealed in the number of likes it’s received in the one day it’s been up though: over a million. The comments, as usual, are all over the place, too. They range from shipping Dramione to gushing how great it is that the two performers are still friends after all these years.

Whatever it is that’s keeping the Harry Potter magic going doesn’t seem to be slowing down and clearly, the fans absolutely love it when these two reunite.