Harry Potter Storms The Box Office


It should come as no surprise, given franchise history that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 would be king of the box office. It set a US record for opening numbers pulling in $125.1 million domestically over 3 days.

This bests Goblet of Fire‘s opening numbers by $20 million. It also managed to rake in a staggering $205 million across the globe making the worldwide gross total for 5 days $330 million. Warner Bros must be very happy with themselves. Right now they can only be thinking how much more they may have gotten had it been released in 3D, as per original plan.

In the UK also the film did tremendous business, making £18.3 million (around $28 million) over the weekend, matching the American numbers (always expect UK receipts to be 10% of the US market takings). It also made £6.6 million on the Saturday, or the largest ever single day takings in the UK market.

Look out folks, Harry Potter could just be on a roll to the top of the year’s charts, if projections are true it only has Toy Story 3 to stand in its way.

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