Harry Styles Reportedly Has A Massive Future In The MCU

Harry Styles

Marvel’s Eternals doesn’t hit theaters until the end of this week, but thanks to some info we shouldn’t have found out already, fans know what to expect from the movie’s post-credits scene. Spoilers incoming — it’ll see Harry Styles make his MCU debut as Eros AKA Starfox, the Eternal brother of Thanos. So it seems we can look forward to the former One Direction frontman playing a bigger role in a sequel.

And likely much more beyond that, too. Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the Dunkirk star is set to have a “massive future” in the franchise. Apparently, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige was able to convince Styles to sign up by promising him big things to come. To be more specific, GFR states that he’s contracted to appear in five movies in total. It’s unclear exactly which projects these are, but the outlet compares Starfox’s role to the way Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury would turn up wherever back in Phase 1.

Though he’s Thanos’ sibling, Starfox couldn’t be more different from his bro. He’s not a Deviant like the Mad Titan for one thing and is also just as carefree and chipper as Thanos is dark and violent. He’s typically been portrayed as a hero and ally to the Avengers, though his power-set — he can make anyone fall in love with him — has led to some controversial storylines over the years. But there’s no doubt that Styles can make him a fan-favorite character.

Eternals will actually only be Styles’ second-ever movie to be released, following his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk back in 2017. He has several other productions on the way, though, including Olivia Wilde’s horror Don’t Worry Darling and LGBTQ romantic drama My Policeman. To go from just one film to a regular role in the MCU ain’t too shabby.

Don’t miss Harry Styles‘ cameo in Eternals when the Chloe Zhao-directed effort enters theaters from this Friday, November 5.